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From the So Close to You series, volume 2

by Rachel Carter

Age Range: 12 - 18

Pub Date: July 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-06-208108-7
Publisher: HarperTeen

The mystery deepens as time-traveling Lydia struggles to set right the past that she inadvertently altered—driving her beloved grandfather insane six years before her birth.

Lydia knows the Montauk Project is no crazy conspiracy theory; her family’s been victimized by it twice now. Worse, she doesn’t know if she will ever see her beloved Wes, a Montauk “recruit,” again. Readers won’t be remotely surprised when he appears and whisks her back to 1989—the year her grandfather in this altered timeline was committed to Bellevue and then disappeared—so they can investigate and perhaps learn how to set history right. Oh, and kiss swooningly, of course. In 1989, Lydia poses as a recruit assigned to investigate, with Wes, a New York City politician who—gasp—has some connection to her grandfather. (How this top-secret, technologically advanced, hyper-regulated operation fails to notice the black sweatpants and hoodie she wears instead of standard-issue shiny black spandex is just one of the many details this novel hand-wavingly dismisses.) The plot juggles three elements: Lydia’s quest to right her timeline; the Montauk Project’s cruelly sinister exploitation of homeless children as time travelers; and Lydia and Wes’ irritating pushmi-pullyu romance, in which either Lydia or Wes continually worries the other’s undying love has suddenly died—a ham-handed contrivance that does not noticeably amp romantic tension.

Guess what: There’s another cliffhanger. Stay tuned. Or not. (Science fiction/romance. 12 & up)