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What She Saw by Rachel A. Conner

What She Saw

by Rachel A. Conner

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4908-5190-7
Publisher: Westbow Press

In Conner’s first novel, a young woman starts seeing visions, changing her world forever.

Aliyah’s existence is a peaceful one. In her junior year of high school in a quiet town, she’s supported by a loving single mother, good friends, and a church community. Only one thing disturbs her: her dreams. They seem so real that they’re nearly visions, and she doesn’t understand what they mean. With the help of Pastor Mike, her church’s leader, and his foster son, Jesse, Aliyah begins to come to terms with her gift. It takes a great tragedy for her to meet Jesus and truly understand her special purpose on Earth, though the grief she feels in the aftermath threatens to overwhelm her trust in the divine plan. She’s pulled back into using her gift in the service of a friend, after which a series of dramatic events unfolds. Pastor Mike and Jesse also work in the service of God in special ways, as Aliyah learns, and she begins to refine her understanding of her gifts in their company. “You will have to choose to see the light,” Pastor Mike tells her when she’s in the grip of horrible dreams. “God has already chosen you, but you have to do your part to follow His light. Just remember that His light is more powerful than the dark; always. You don’t ever have to be afraid.” Though many influential men are present in Aliyah’s life, she is an effective and positive force in the world. Her blossoming romance with Jesse is cut short by his graduation, when they decide they both need to see what God wants them to be before they proceed, leaving Aliyah refreshingly undefined by romance. Conner’s novel is ideal for teenagers who, preferring their reading both religious and exciting, are ready for discussions about the light and dark at play in all our lives.

An inspiring adventure with a strong heroine.