MAX by Rachel Isadora


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Baseballer Max, who walks his sister to her Saturday ballet lesson on his way to the park, stops in one morning and, before he leaves, has joined the little girls in their exercises. Not much of a story, but we like to think it's enough to hold together Isadora's drawings of poised but fetchingly unpolished ballerinas--and, at the end, Max's scruffy, disgruntled gang waiting for him at the ball park. As the pictures are the attention holders and Isadora never does show the whole class together, we wish we could follow individual dancers through the frames. (In one case the same girl seems to show up variously black and white and in short and long sleeves.) But that's a small frustration compared to the charm of the performers.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1976
ISBN: 0020438001
Publisher: Macmillan