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MY DOG LAUGHS by Rachel Isadora


by Rachel Isadora ; illustrated by Rachel Isadora

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-399-17385-1
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books

This episodic collection of insights into canine behavior features dogs of many breeds, sizes, and ages, with a cast of charming toddlers and preschoolers describing their dogs.

The text is divided into topical sections about meeting and getting to know a dog, training, going on outings, playing together, and special kinds of loving behavior. Each section shows different children interacting with their own dogs in all sorts of situations, described with just a few words of text with the child as narrator. “My dog loves belly rubs,” says one child, demonstrating on a happy terrier; “My dog likes to lick!” says another, as she receives a big, wet one on the cheek. The text flows in a logical fashion, with each child chiming in, and the particular behavior or description extends through several different dogs. The whole gamut of canine behavior is covered: leashes, names, going potty, eating, playing, sleeping, and getting into trouble. Isadora’s spare ink-and-watercolor illustrations are delightfully amusing, whether showing the children romping with their dogs or having a quiet snuggle. Each page presents two or three vignettes of child and dog surrounded by plenty of white space, which, along with the oversized format, provides a fresh, clean feeling overall. The illustrations include children of many different ethnicities, a female vet, and a child who uses a wheelchair.

This endearing introduction to dog behavior will please those who already have a dog and make those who don’t want to join the fun.

(Picture book. 3-6)