RURAL FREE: A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living by Rachel Mason Feden

RURAL FREE: A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living

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This is a collection of columns from Indianapolis and Muncie papers and follows the year from September through August with warm observation and a knowledge of the rewards of simple, available riches. From the Indiana fall, through the splendors of winter, the promises of spring and the unfolding of summer, she notes the succession of plants and animals, the birds and insects, the food and holidays, that fall into the pattern of the year. With her husband, son and daughter, she shares the farm routines:-the cattle, hogs and chickens, the butchering and farm machinery are in her report, as are calendars, taxes, the house and gardening; and there are many accounts of her neighbors and their close friendships. Always she is aware of the random generosity of nature, of the small things that reveal new facets for the curious -- from vinegar gnats to whittling, from sassafras to shopping, from school activities to the local fair, and her almanac is a pleasant companion for city as well as country dweller. Good thoughts for a gift.

Publisher: Knopf