THE LAND, THE PEOPLE by Rachel Peden


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Four episodes of the land and the people who loved it...There was Rachel Mason Peden's father, the orchardist of Monroe County, Indiana, and with the story of his farm, recollections of childhood--the one room schoolhouse, sober Sundays, the life of the farm and household. Then there was Dakin, who loved his plot so that he could not bear to have another man break ground even while he lay helpless in bed. There was Walter Peden, whose inheritance of the farm went back to 1816, who as a boy had heard Tom Thumb swear and as Grand Pa at 90 plus had been visited by Harold Macmillan, in Spencer to see his mother's girlhood home. Finally, with her husband Dick, there is her own wife-and-motherhood on her own farm ""in the fullness of Maple Grove."" More random than her Rural Free almanac, this will have a lesser appeal, particularly for city folk. At best, farm fresh.

ISBN: 025322229X
Publisher: Knopf