RADIE'S WORLD by Radie Harris


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Whenever I go back to Hollywood now, I feel as a lover must when he finds himself face to face with a mistress he once adored. Seeing her with beauty faded, desperately trying to hold onto her youth, he weeps quietly for another golden memory of the past."" Many other golden memories in a drizzle of ""I had the thrill""s and ""What have I done to deserve this""s and ""intoxication""s--the ""I"" being columnist-interviewer-Hollywood Reporter byliner Radie Harris who knew everyone. You name them--she drops them--as she excitedly attends parties and press junkets and film festivals around the world. ""King of Hearts"" Gable and recluse Garbo (""Hidden too, even from herself, is a heart that beats"") and M.M. and the Burtons and Bogey and Bacall and Coop and wonderful, wonderful Mary Martin and Jack Benny and Jackie Susann, her friend of thirty years--""Good Night Sweet Princess."" Good night also to a lover of thirty years, producer Vinton Freedley, whose wife sponsored the relationship but refused to divorce him. Mostly tired tattletale, although Radie may surprise you with the fact that Roald Dahl, who so bravely kept Pat Neal alive, was ""known for his Robin McCarre short stories."" What happened to those really wonderful, wonderful Roald Dahl stories?

Pub Date: Dec. 8th, 1975
Publisher: Putnam