SATISFACTION by Rae Lawrence


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An unusually intelligent quartet novel about four college roommates who go through life in love with the same man. Arriving at Radcliffe in 1972 are Katie Lee Hopewell, a socially ambitious girl whose father is big in the hotel business; timid Rosaline Van Schott; from ""old money"" down Lexington, Kentucky, way; Marinda Vincent, New Jersey Italian, but rich and possibly Mafia-connected; and the black sheep of the bunch--beautiful, sexy December Dunne, who is carrying inside her the deep, dark secret that her father was a mass murderer executed in the 50's. The girls room together and get on quite well until they meet a gorgeous Sam Shepard type, rich Montana boy Schuyler Smith, who is at Harvard learning to be a writer. Schuyler's first conquest is Rosaline, who dumps him when she finds December deep in his embrace one traumatic evening; Rosaline then goes on to marry good but dull Trevor Goodwind, who gives her many children and one too many Thoroughbred horses (she ends up running off with a diminutive jockey). December heads for New York to become a fashion model and drug addict because she believes Schuyler doesn't care about her. Actually, Schuyler cares like mad, but his letters are being intercepted by Marinda, who secretly yearns for him. So Schuyler throws himself into an affair with coldhearted Katie--only to discover that she's been secretly using him as leverage to blackmail Marinda's brother Bobby into marrying her. By this time, poor Schuyler is so fed up that he heads back to Montana to work on screenplays and hang out with macho writerly Tom McGuane-types. Marinda visits, but she's no match for December--now a movie star--who finally captures Schuyler's heart in a three-hankie finale. Commercial writing that is also sensitive enough to make the characters breathe. The separate story lines don't necessarily connect very well--operating as they do on the rather thin fulcrum of Schuyler--but each one is an entertaining romantic melodrama in itself.

Pub Date: July 7th, 1987
Publisher: Poseidon/Simon & Schuster