THEY GOT BACK by R.A.F. Flying Review- Eds. of


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Thrilling, authentic escape stories!"" The blurb sets the tone for ten stories drawn from the R.A.F. Flying Review which involve such incidents as Scottie Young's survival of an air collision only to be caught by Russians convinced that he was a German spy; Flight Lt. Hedley Fowler's escape from prison camp only to die as a Typhoon test pilot in England; Derrick Nabarro's escape from the heart of Germany via a washroom window and receipt of the first D.C.M. given an R.A.F. man; three men ditched off Greenland in an active ice field, rescued after ten days by a Norwegian vessel providentially hove-to for repairs; the high-geared performances of men and Lysanders getting S.O.E. people out of France during the underground war; hi-jinks in Malta in 1942. Offset illustrations titled ""He was missing -- believed killed"" and the like fit in with this easy-reading war story-book, quick on capable action and imbued with the active aspects of bravery. On True level, more paperback sale-strength than hardcover, which may zero in on the young adult market.

Publisher: Roy