A DAY OF IMPATIENCE by Raffaele LaCapria


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Again, in a fairly direct line of descent from Moravia, this is a sensuous reconnaissance of youthful passion, and the transition between innocence and experience is marked by curiosity, desire, and disgust. A nameless first person transcribes his attraction to Mira, who is older- 22- and unpredictable. Gay, sullen, listless, passionate, she provokes him- and rejects him- and he wants not only to possess her (as he does- for one afternoon) but to possess her past in which there have been several men- among them Carlo, recently released from prison and now involved with a homosexual. From the random comments of others, from a letter, from her own equivocal activities, he reconstructs her betrayal- by Carlo- and then witnesses his own with Carlo's return and Mira's abrupt departure with him.... LaCapria writes without illusion, with a certain clinical candor, and with a rather remorseless use of unfortunate details which corroborate the accuracy of the experience here but do not contribute to its enjoyment- for others.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1954
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Young