The Little Red Porch by Raisa Miller

The Little Red Porch

True Spiritual Experiences
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Inspiration for being open and open-minded to God’s signs and messages.
Miller shares her experiences with God and tragedy through her prophetic dreams about events that occurred in her life, including the deaths of her grandparents and, most notably, the untimely death of her young nephew Kiki. She explores the various ways her dreams portended these events and how she came to decipher and interpret the visions as well as how she made sense of the losses through the strength of her faith, and what she thinks these visions say about God’s presence in our lives. In clean, simple prose, Miller takes the reader through experiences at once heartbreaking and mysterious, including her daughter’s messages from Kiki and the messages Miller received from a co-worker’s deceased son. Miller, as well as her family and friends, seems to take these messages at face value, seldom doubting that they come from God, resulting in a bold portrait of faith that may be inspiring if not instructive. She focuses on receiving and embracing these messages rather than investigating them: “
No matter what, we want to know why [bad things happen]. But it is not always for us to know why!” A few of the later chapters deal with more lighthearted or positive visions Miller has had, and though they provide a welcome respite from the tragedy that consumes much of the book, they are somewhat contextless and out of place. A lack of deep interpretation of Miller’s visions and messages might make the book difficult for some skeptical readers to access and relate to; those looking for an academic or theological explanation of God’s messages won’t find them here. However, readers facing similar experiences are certain to take heart and comfort, especially if they have lost a loved one.
Earnest, heartfelt and full of faith.
Pub Date: July 2nd, 2014
ISBN: 978-1490413273
Page count: 198pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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