VEILED HORIZONS by Ralph Bandine


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Here's sport and many a grand evening for any sportsman who likes to settle down and lose himself in the sea, its game fish and cameraderie. Bandine writes well. His descriptions of the water, islands, color and activity of the fish are fresh and crisp, lucid, fluid, his vocabulary has an enchanting precision that is exactly right for the picture he's painting. Yet it is a virile picture never flowery or overdrawn. He so completely captures the beauty of the Pacific near Catalina and the excitement of the great tuna disappointments, the thrill and exhaustion of the great marlin fight that nearly finished him, the hush when Jump thought he'd lost the light tackle crown, the small boy's sheepishness at being caught off guard when the swordfish struck, that the reader becomes participant in all the fun and fights. Remember for every lucky person who has been able to follow the lure of deep sea fishing hundreds sit at home and wish they could. So don't ask if your customers have ever done any big game fishing. Tell them this is an adventure not to be missed. A book you could safely sell with a money back guarantee!

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1939
Publisher: Derrydale