PLEA FOR AN AGE MOVEMENT by Ralph Barton Perry


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A slim reissue in book form of a talk given at Princeton and Harvard 45th reunions, a plea for a cult of age to balance off the present cult of youth. This well-loved philosopher traces the fall of age from its peak of eminence, shows how the father, the teacher, the soldier has lost his former standing. He points out that age is blamed whatever the outcome, so why not once again enjoy the rank, the prerogatives, the esteem, the authority. He urges old age to choose its own ground, where weaknesses won't be exposed, to make a virtue of necessities, to consider each anniversary the opening of a new chapter, to take pride in age and not attempt to ape youth. In closing, he pledges allegiance to our creed of freedom which bids us go forward. An item for plus sale.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1942
Publisher: Vanguard