WRONG PASSPORT by Ralph Brewster


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An odd perspective of the war years, spent largely undercover, when Ralph Brewster, ""citizen of the world"", was also a man without a country except for his Italian citizenship which he repudiated with the advent of Mussolini A wanderer, a romantic of spontancous temperament, his casual life and chameleon interests are reflected here in Budapest where, evading deportation, he spent the war on the run and in hiding, picking up odd contacts with Magyar noblemen and gypsies, astrologers and artists. He found one refuge with an Archbishop in an elegant establishment- later with an Archimandrite in his village. A German Gestapo agent offered him a job as a spy. He was picked up as a deserter and spent a few days behind bars until he finally secured a visa. And finally, the end of the war and the Russians in sight, he returned to Italy via Austria and the Brenner Pass. A friend writes an epilogue in lieu of the two unfinished chapters in this manuscript found after his death... A minor memoir, unpredictable in its course and probably in its appeal.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1955
Publisher: British Book Centre