SAY YES! by Ralph Caplan


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Well, all right, Yes, this is amiable nonsense, a (s)poof which takes off the vacuous claptrap known as Affirmative Dynamics of one Dr. J. Cladder Lovelace, who gives a course in religion on the campus of a Pennsylvania college, but has really made it in the world with a BOM-Reader's Digest ap-Pealeing book. Gordon Moss, a young teacher who has been inconspicuously unsuccessful in general, reads Dr. Lovelace's book and blasts it in a first magazine article submitted and accepted. However he finds that even a negative approach to Affirmative Dynamics is positive: he makes a hole in one on the golf course; finds that Barbara Lovelace, to whom he has always been attracted, is more pliable than he could ever have hoped; and he wins a Distinguished Teaching Trophy. With the appearance of the article everything ricochets: Lovelace throws him out of the house; the Dean may--or may not--throw him off the campus; and Barbara-- --. Suspending a whole book on one notion is an act of faith in itself, but still, this parlays some silly moments into easy humor.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1965
Publisher: Doubleday