R. D. B.'s PROCESSION by Ralph D. Blumenfeld


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A famous English journalist writes of the men and women who have crossed his path in the course of a long and colorful career. He has chosen fifty -- and grouped others under special headings (Presidents I Have Known -- Some History Makers -- Kings of the Ring-From an Old Letter-Box). An amazing ""procession"" it is -- and in pungent, intimate, casual style, as if he were sitting across the table, chatting, he sketches these people, and thus shares them with his readers. They are a varied lot, from Lloyd George, Lord Roberts, Lord Kitchener, Cecil Rhodes, Lawrence of Arabia , and others of that calibre, to P. T. Barnum, Buffalo Bill, Crippen, and so on. Good reading -- this personal revelation of headline people, and ""worth remembering."" An easy market to reach -- those who like human interest material of the somewhat gossipy, chatty type.

Publisher: Macmillan