THE WINNING SIDE: The Case for Goldwater Republicanism by Ralph de Toledano

THE WINNING SIDE: The Case for Goldwater Republicanism

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This isn't why Barry Goldwater should be President so much as it is how Barry Goldwater can be President. The author, whose Seeds of Treason reaped a steady sale at 2000 copies per day, is a passionate Conservative who writes up a well paced argument. He makes his case for a Republican Goldwater nomination. His thesis is that the GOP's fatal flaw from McKinley days forward has been the tendency to seek out figurehead candidates capable of capturing the independent vote and swinging votes from the Democrats. Thus, candidates like Hoover and Wilkie were formerly Democrats; Eisenhower a non-political here; Dewey, a liberal East Coast Republican; and the potential Conservatives (Robert Taft men for donkey's years) were jilted at nominating time and lost the heart to vote on Election Day. The groundswell of interest in Goldwater, the large crowds of youngsters that he draws on his campus tours and the disintegration of ""the solid South"" have given the kissless wing new vigor. de Toledano's cool pushing of the Southern vote-trading possibilities on The Civil Rights issue gives chilly warning to those concerned should Goldwater win. That he can make a good run is amply proven. The chances of Rockefeller, Romney and Scranton are scotched in brief examinations. Expect winning sales and perfervid promotion to the obvious audience.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1963
Publisher: Putnam