DAY OF RECKONING by Ralph de Toledano


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... is at hand but not to be taken too seriously- except perhaps by those who batten upon treason in High Places and skullduggery in low. The murder of an idealistic anarchist prompts an inquiry by Paul Castelar, an honest newspaperman and a veteran of the International Brigade. He is drawn into this by Gina Farrel, the murdered man's niece, who comes to him convinced that the same political gangster who killed her uncle is now after her. The two become lovers, even though Gina's ability to love has been warped by the fact that she was once coerced by Communists in Spain to use her body to secure information. Paul, at one time her uncle's protege, who loved him as a political and ideological mentor, now tries to find the guilty man and his search takes him almost into the Cabinet, and back to New York via Park Avenue. He finally catches up with him in San Juan, and kills him in self-defence.... Nothing here to improve international understanding- let alone your taste.

Publisher: Henry Holt