THE PAGAN CHURCH: The Protestant Failure in America by Ralph E. Dodge

THE PAGAN CHURCH: The Protestant Failure in America

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For thirty years an American Protestant missionary, the author writes out of his ""personal frustration arising from the desire to say something creative and helpful"" to the American Protestant church. His charges against the American church include its limited involvement, its frozen structures, its dividedness, its exclusiveness and its materialistic philosophy. Unfortunately the argument advanced under these topics does not always fall into place. This would seem to be the result of two features of the author's style: his inability to resist the chance to deliver a sweeping generality; and a similar inability to resist the telling of an anecdote. Most of the charges brought against the American church here have been advanced elsewhere and with more cogent analysis.

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 1968
Publisher: Lippincott