THE NEW FORCE by Ralph E. Lapp


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The ""new force"" is atomic power and Dr. Lapp, writer- scientist who has contributed leading articles to magazines and worked closely with the Manhattan Project is the man to write as definitive and important a book as this. Untechnically, but with clarifying explicitness necessary for the intelligent layman, he covers the history of experimentation from pre-war days, branching out as certain stages and world events were reached, to include descriptions of the work- the tremendous plants and cyclotrons, the principles of the A and H-bombs, the theories, the possible roads to effective civilian use, the history making explosions. He enters into the detailed bickerings that underlay the foundation of A. E. C. and takes a chapter to deplore our overdrawn association of secrecy with security. Science is not secret. Production was and still is the guarded thing, and in turning from his criticism of the often too stifling cloak, Dr. Lapp states firm belief in free enterprise as the best way to real cooperation and eventual international development of untold aids to medicine, agriculture, industry and pure science. Working portraits of the scientists themselves shed further light on the atomic story told here for tenacious, thinking readers.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1952
Publisher: Harper