MOST OF THE WORLD by Ralph-Ed. Linton


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A thorough and comprehensive study of the peoples and countries of most of the world, -- South America, Africa, the Near and Far East -- in which the authors, eminent social scientists who are well versed in the area on which they write, attempt to show that these countries are no longer in the orbit of Western influence but are developing on their own. Here is a survey of some aspects of the whole, followed by detailed specifications for each area -- population, natural resources, history, climate, topography; results of Western domination, contemporary economic, social, cultural and political conditions, importance of the areas, lines of future development. Authoritative, unbiased, complete and competent, this has text and reference value and is good general information for the average reader, rather than the specialist.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1949
Publisher: Columbia Univ. Press