THE BOOZE BOOK: The Joy of Drink by Ralph -- Ed. Schoenstein

THE BOOZE BOOK: The Joy of Drink

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Seems a little pricey, but a sophisticated gift book for the host or hostess who doesn't need another bottle, and a nice collection of cartoons, poems, stories, jokes, anecdotes, quizzes, and what will you have next? -- all dealing with what Samuel Johnson called ""man's second favorite indoor recreation."" There's Kingsley Amis on ""Why We Should Drink"" and ""The Hangover,"" Thurber's sloshed and surrendering Ulysses S. Grant, Robert Benchley and Mencken, Joseph Mitchell with one of his wonderful tales about that wonderful old saloon, McSorley's, and assorted information of all kinds whether it's the naked, pink or yellow martini or the bottle of wine fairly recently sold at auction for 9200 dollars. . . . Instant cheer.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Playboy Press