UNCLE 'LISH by Ralph Frye


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Something for the ""remembrance of things past"" market -- and distinctly above average... A series of childhood incidents centered around the author's fabulous Uncle Elisha, retired sea- captain. The setting is the South Shore of Massachusetts -- the local color is so subtly handled that you don't feel smothered in it -- and there's real fun and delightful humor. The tales are told through a boy's interpretation -- the reader supplies his own slant to the slightly racy doings of the violent rascal 'Lish ""guarding"" a wrecked ship loaded with rum. There's the time that Uncle 'Lish took the boy to Boston to see the Hawaiian Queen, who lived in a mysterious house, was a beautiful white, bejeweled woman with a court of lovely white maidens. A wonderful piece of ironic naivete.

ISBN: 1419164880
Publisher: Knopf