PRESIDENT FROM MISSOURI: Harry S. Truman by Ralph G. Martin


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It is appropriate in a presidential election year to have a biography of this recent past-president and noted politician. All the important events in his life have been chronicled here -- his youth, his romance with Bess Wallace, his Army career (wt which point the author shifts from Harry to Truman) his short, unsuccessful partnership in a men's haberdashery (back to Harry again) and then his entry into politics when, with Tom Prendergast's support, he was elected County Judge. Truman's political tactics, by which he became Senator and then Vice-President and President are outlined, as well as his major battles in these offices -- his investigations of government expenditures, the Potsdam Conference, the Fair Deal, the truman Doctrine, the steel strike. the emphasis of the text is divided equally between Trumna's personal life, and his public activities, which are described as objectively as possible and with scant analysis. This is a fair and accurate but rather tedious account of a colorful man. There are Suggested Further Readings, but no index.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1964
Publisher: Messner