THE ROYAL FAMILY by Ralph & Graham Fisher White


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Presumably Ralph White, Queen Elizabeth's personal footman for eight years, and just plain footman before that at Buckingham Palace, is handicapped by the Rosencrantz-Guildenstern syndrome. Riddled with intelligence concerning the gustatory habits of the RF, Mr. White must have of necessity a partial view, however, of the family in toto. Nonetheless even a footman can pad in on radiant moments: a mad, whooping, dodging game round the table Mr. White was calmly laying out, with a newlywed Elizabeth in negligee and Prince Philip in a white bathrobe; a tearful Margaret leaving Elizabeth after the Townsend matter; an exceedingly grumpy Philip at breakfast. The Queen is given to orange squash, icy stares at breaches of etiquette, and dedication to the wearisome regal duties. (Prince Charles, soon to be invested as Prince of Wales is his ""mother's son."") In between serving the breakfast at which ""eggs abound"" Mr. White seems to have had abundant thoughts on the future of the monarchy. Present firm but future shaky. Aiding the abundant thoughts is Graham Fisher who knows on which side a footman's toast is buttered. For all backstairs royalists.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1969
Publisher: McKay