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The strange and wonderful life under the sea is the subject for this fascinating collection of marine oddities. Avoiding technical terminology and confining the nomenclature to the most imaginative and descriptive popular names, the authors touch upon the most spectacular aspects of the animals of the sea. Grouped roughly by structural classes, the text includes not only rarely seen specimens but familiar animals found along the coasts -- from odd and beautiful deep sea fish to starfish, crabs, sand dollars, jellyfish, barnacles, scallops, and even porpoises, penguins and whales. This is truly a book of wonders -- the queen triggerfish which grinds its teeth and grumbles when caught, the sea urchin with its little round mouth and teeth, the Venus's-flower-basket sponge inside of which animals grow up and live their lives in prison, the male sea horse which protects the eggs by carrying them in front of his tail, the eaters of stars which feed only on fish with ""lights"", and many more glimpses of this intricate and prolific life. The prose is easy to read, non-technical and imaginative, and the index will aid the young zoologist to identify specimens. Black and white illustrations by Michael Bevans. All the family should enjoy this.

Publisher: Holt