THE SKYLARK And Other Poems by Ralph Hodgson

THE SKYLARK And Other Poems

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No poetry lovers who were receptive to poetry in the '20's can forget Hodgson's Eve or that even more memorable The Bull. They have literally rung in our ears ever since 1917 when they appeared. The poet was then 46. Today, when he is close to 90, he is publishing his second book of poems under a trade imprint. The poems collected in this volume include a few written before 1917, the balance for the most part in privately printed chap books and now assembled in complete form. The title poem is perhaps the finest in the book. The others seem more in the nature of beautiful notations. It is doubtful whether any of these lyrics, however fine, compare with the unforgettable music of the two above mentioned....But Hodgson's story is so strange and romantic that there is a sense of rediscovery here. He is one of God's angry men. He is filled with fury at man's cruelty to nature and sees ""much carnage in the future"". The interval in his publishing encompasses teaching English in Tokyo University, followed by a life of deepest privacy on a slatternly farm in Ohio where he went with the outbreak of World War II. Now with his emergence so unexpected, his compassion so sincere and searing, and his ear still so fine, the book will undoubtedly win itself a place. It will appeal to his old following, to all who value the fine qualities of the inner life, and to all real poetry followers. A strange, haunting, beautiful book.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1960
Publisher: St. Martin's Press