WALK ON THE WATER by Ralph Leveridge


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A raw, compassionate, brutal and at times exalted story of a squad in action on an island in the Pacific which is explicit in its portrayal of slow deterioration under unrelieved conditions. There is Robins, who only talks about his Martha and the child they will have; Rosinski, bitterly self-contained about the wife and child he has lost; Cailini, who hopes to write, and has moments of mystic vision; Polson, who is lonely for his farm, and cracks up; Adams, a youngster, who cannot accept his homosexuality, fights for the respect of the others, and after his forced seduction by Tuthill, walks over into the enemy's lines; Tuthill, whose bull instincts recognize no moral decency; and finally Hervey, the squad leader, whose love for Norah- met in a hospital- cannot override his sense of guilt and despair as the men he leads are killed off, one by one, and who dies deliberately with a sense of release...There's actuality here, and power. Public libraries will find however that base English comes into its own.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Young