ROGERSON AT BAY by Ralph McInerny


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Rogerson, tenured professor of humanities on the Fort Elbow, Ohio, campus (Jolly Rogerson--1967), returns as McInerny lets fly at academe, the ""new"" church, current sexual mores, and the seven year itch--all repositories of impressive asininity. And Rogerson, in several shades of drear--shot through with a yellow streak and an often blue wit--is almost plowed under. Wife Marge, whose deaf father dies (will the heavenly host have to shout everything twice?) and leaves her a lake cottage, is off for a summer of liberation through work and a romantic interest. Rogerson decides to undergo a secret circumcision for cancer prevention with Dr. Heep (""Did one old fellow this week. . . Whack!""). Among the faculty members visiting the hospital is luscious Sylvia. While Rogerson painfully recovers, there's dirty work in the administration to erase the humanities department. Rogerson, who has a low opinion of his profession anyway, aims for the lightest burdens but he succumbs to Sylvia and is caught by the police unclothed with 10 oz. of grass, which means dismissal until. . . . The various campus sloths and bores are done to a searing turn and Rogerson remains a delightful guide to Pomposity U.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row