MAN OF THE FAMILY by Ralph Moody
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Little Britches continues the story of his hard working Colorado childhood and recalls his 11 and 12 year old concentration on filling his dead father's shoes. There were a multitude of ways in which to help -- riding herd on cattle drives through Littleton; loaning his horse, Lady, for a cow; taking orders for his Mother's New England cookery; picking fruit, riding in horse races (this was kept from Mother), getting hay, coal and wood, laundering the curtains from the Brown Palace Hotel, etc., etc. And always there was the dream of becoming a ranchhand, which came true when he was offered a summer job; there were measles for the whole family and the goodness of their friends when troubles got too thick. The tale ends when Mother, who is supposed to testify against an old neighbor, believing him innocent, runs away with all six children playing their part in her plot to evade detention. Resourcefulness, pride and courage are the backbone of this family that would be self-supporting, with no complaints when the know-how is hard come by. The audience of Little Britches will welcome this continuation.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1951
ISBN: 0899665640
Publisher: Norton