THE WINCOSKI by Ralph Nading Hill


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Another in the Rivers of America series, this, as readable as the others have been, is the story of the Wincoski or Onion River, ninety miles long, which crosses Vermont and flows into Lake Champlain. But this is more the story of the people who settled and developed the Wincoski River Valley and its vicinity, the towns and cities, quarries and ski resorts, colleges and universities, than it is the story of the river. Focussed here are the Allen Brothers, Ira, Ethan, Heman and Zimri; the buying in 1773 of almost all of the valley and the founding of the Onion River Land Company; struggles against the Indians; the encroachments of the York State Yankees and the British; the Revolutionary War and Ethan's capture, imprisonment and escape; the founding of the University of Vermont; and Ira's part in leading the state to become a republic.....Historical and regional material of particular native state interest.

Publisher: Rinehart