CUD VI by Ralph Temple


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Title should provide fair warning of silly business and sexy doings that manages to achieve neither high humor nor low laughs. What happens when American Forrester permits a moving picture company to borrow Greenways , his inherited English estate. Evading and tricking the star, Sylvia, when he had known when she was a bubble dancer; persuading, by indirection; battling with the publicity director; ining a dubious hanger-on; thwarting a elment to his inheritance; concealing his own past, -- Forrester manages to prove he no longer loves Sylvia, con her passion for the director, evis the company and gets the girl he wants....Far spoof of moving picture people, techniques and absurdities, this is poor derivative from Thorne Smith or Wodehouse.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1945
Publisher: Putnam