RAMU: A Story of India by Rama Mehta

RAMU: A Story of India

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Set in a city of Udaipur in India, the story follows the typical pattern of the this-is-the-way they-live-in-other- places genre which is frequently so dull. This is an exception--the aura of the place has been thoroughly and enthusiastically captured and made interesting. Events are loosely tied together--the boy Ramu, son of a sweet maker struggling to put the boy through school, dreams of attending the festival of Diwali. When he awakens he plays truant to attend a nearby fair, returns to school disgraced and remorseful until the time that the class is let out to make preparations for Diwali. The excitement of the city at festival time, with its elegance and its poverty, the pastimes and reactions of the schoolboys, the relationships within the family are genuine as seen by Ramu who is also convincing both as a boy and as an Indian.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1966
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Junior Books