COWBOY LINGO by Ramon F. Adams


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An encyclopedia of cowboy data, in the form of a dictionary of cowboy slang. Conveniently arranged so that the exact term can be found which the cowboy used in his work-a-day language, under such headings as, -- The Ranch, The Cowboy and His Duties, His Costume and Furnishings, His Riding Equipment, Ropes and Roping, Cattle, and so on. Sources are traced -- definitions carefully substantiated. A reference work primarily, but such entertaining reading that anyone with an interest in words would enjoy it. Market -- writers, students of Western history, anyone interested in cowboys, young or old. The work must have taken years of research plus a thorough working knowledge of the subject, as indicated by his commentary on nature, work, ideals, appearance of the cow-puncher, which makes the book more than a mere reference book.

ISBN: 0618083499
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin