SHIFTING SANDS: The Story of Dunes by Ramona Maher

SHIFTING SANDS: The Story of Dunes

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More than casual beach reading, this is a straightforward approach to sand dunes, both inland and coastal, that distinguishes knowns, unknowns, and probabilities: where the deserts are, how winds build up dunes, recurring shapes (barchans and longitudinals), indigenous plants (drought-dodging and xerophilous) and animals. A separate chapter treats variations at seaside; another touches on potential developments (tamarisk plantings, soil-conditioning polymers). Finally, the author takes a brief look at folksy exotica: singing sands, mirages, fulgurites (lightning glass), walking stones. Less detailed but quite adequate discussions of dunes are already in Pond's Deserts and Knight's The First Book of Deserts so this is really a peripheral subject of limited value except in large collections.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1968
Publisher: John Day