SEASONS OF THE HEART by Ramona Stewart


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An adept pulse-taker of adolescence, Stewart now trains her sights on more ""seasoned"" hearts. But not really. The young folks figure here too, impinging their negative presence on the sun-drenched Florida Keys, flaunting physical availability and total confidence, reminding heroine Judith Crown of daughter Nadine's alien sensibility (a constant source of agonizing) and of her age (45). Judith herself is no saint, however, but rather a latter-day Wife of Bath zeroing in on her next source of support. Her current target is Stephen Berkes, who suffers from middle-aged satyriasis as does her zany employer, Don Kramer. Determination and knowing when to split get Judith her man, eventually and somewhat damaged (half his face shot away resisting robbery). Bikinied Sherry-Cherries gamboling among frangipani bushes and raffish resort types burrowing in old captain's houses give some sense of place, but locale isn't the author's strong suit so much as easy storytelling--and a sunny, often funny, treatment of essentially depressing material.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1978
Publisher: Putnam