BE NOT ANXIOUS by Randolph Crump Miller


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In this ""age of anxiety,"" it is not at all surprising to find another book telling us how to overcome it. Dr. Miller's book will be found to be among the most understandable and useful. He writes in a quiet and personal way, using illustrations liberally and so aptly as to make the reader feel it is he Dr. Miller is about, and to whom he addresses his suggestions of how to deal with , economic difficulties, children, death, or any of the other common anxieties that overtake us unawares and unprepared. The Christian answer to the dilemma is real faith in the promises of God, says the author. Once you accept the fact that God accepts you as you are you are on the road to maturity and a meaningful, positive creative life. But the chief end of life is the peace of God, found by those whose faith in Christ casts out all fear. Randolph Miller is professor of Christian Education at the Yale Divinity School. In addition to his teaching he has also served a parish as its rector. His varied experience is reflected in this book which is chiefly intended as a layman's guide to an understanding of the nature of his anxiety and the ways in which psychology and theology can help him.

Publisher: Seabury Press