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The year 1962 happens to be the 700th anniversary of the death of the subject of this eulogy to Brother Giles of Assisi, Companion of St. Francis. The numerous followers of the great Poverello, lay and religious, will undoubtedly look to this book as another opportunity to become more aware of the significance of the social message which jolted the go in which St. Francis of Assisi lived. Raphael Brown is steeped in Franciscana, having written and translated many works in the field. However, only those who read of saints completely uncritically will want to bother with this, his latest effort. It is at best a votional work which is a current-day rewrite of original biographies about this early follower of St. Francis. An uneducated rustic who was strong of body and a ""character"", he eventually had numerous mystic experiences, allegedly witnessed by many, including a pope, at least according to the original sources the author cites. It is easy to see why the Church has never proceeded with the cause of Brother Giles -- beyond beatification. Perhaps there are people who will find inspiration in this book but it's actually no more than a sheer curiosity which continues for a while longer, a kind of writing about saints which should have enjoyed a happy suppression by publishers a generation ago.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1962
Publisher: Doubleday