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JUST ME by Raquel  Cané


by Raquel Cané & illustrated by Raquel Cané & developed by Luis Parravicini

Age Range: 1 - 5

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 2011
Publisher: Luis Parravicini

A young bunny compares himself to the members of his family.

Bob the bunny doesn’t have his aunt’s nose, his sister’s legs or his brother’s musical talent. Bob is Bob, though readers never really learn much more about him than that. Beyond the obvious—that he’s a cute little rabbit wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt—he is defined solely by the characteristics he does not share with othersAt the end of the story, he says to his mother (who smiles but still looks somewhat disappointed): “No, mom, no. It’s me, Bob. Just me.” The abrupt ending may leave readers wondering what prompted Bob to say such things. Was his mother hoping for someone else? Does she suffer from double vision, amnesia or dementia? The simple, uncluttered graphics are energized by vibrant colors and slight animation. A handful of pages offer modest rewards for tapping, holding, tilting or swiping the screen. The story, which offers no narration, is (optionally) accompanied by a classical piano piece that is lovely but can become somewhat intense in spots. The final page offers a cute “choose whom to photograph” feature, whereby readers can drag a frame down a line of family members and take pictures. 

Bold colors, minimalist illustrations and the low level of interaction/animation makes the app just about right for the intended audience, so long as they aren't hoping for concrete resolution. (iPad storybook app. 1-5)