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THE CUBAN KITCHEN by Raquel Rabade Roque


500 Simple, Stylish, and Flavorful Recipes Celebrating the Caribbean's Best Cuisine

by Raquel Rabade Roque

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-375-71196-1
Publisher: Knopf

Turn your kitchen into an authentic Cuban cocina with these flavorful tropical recipes.

"This book is meant to preserve for future generations the rich culinary tradition of a people, and to reflect the best of my two worlds: the Cuba of the 1950s, when I was a child, and our Hispanic presence in today's America," writes Roque in the introduction. Mission accomplished. With recipes ranging from the traditional (croquettes and empanadas) to the exotic (homemade baby food with tropical ingredients and Cuban candies), the author’s guide to all things Cuban also features family favorites and long-kept kitchen secrets. Not just a step-by-step guide, Roque’s book is full of warm, cozy kitchen lore, both personal and historical. When offering the recipe for Cuban American Hamburgers, the author writes, “We all had to speak English at the table when my mom had cooked American hamburgers.” When instructing readers in the fine art of tamale making, the author traces tamales through the ages—from their origins among the native Ciboney people to their modern incarnation as popular street food. The author begins with lists of equipment and pantry essentials and also provides a list of resources for home cooks in search of ingredients or tools. Helpful tips for a variety of kitchen quandaries, such as how to use leftovers, debone fish or store a suckling pig overnight, can be found throughout Roque’s spirited guide to Cuban cuisine and culture. A spicy mélange of Cuban and Cuban-American cuisine.