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TROUT by Ray Bergman



ISBN: 1446510352
Publisher: Penn

Several years ago a book appeared that found instant favor, among fishermen, because it was excellent, among booksellers because it sold. Here is a second book by the author of Just Fishing covering trout flies and methods from coast to coast. It also includes landlocked and Atlantic salmon and the Montana grayling. Ray Bergman writes with a breezy informality that fishermen enjoy, and in landing Dr. Edgar Burke to do the fifteen pages of flies he made something of a record catch. For Burke is the artist whose work in Derrydale's Feathered Game from a Sporting Journal created such favorable comment that they have been used to decorate each successive volume of Nash Buckingham's stories. These flies are equally perfect and of the type seldom found outside of limited editions, so -- at $5.00 they make a sure-to-please gift. There was a limited edition of 149 copies at $35.00 which was over-subscribed but by advertising at once you might pick up a copy and delight an otherwise disappointed customer.