SPECTRUM: The World of Science by Ray- Ed. Ginger

SPECTRUM: The World of Science

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Frankly acknowledging the lack of background for proper appraisal of this book, we are listing the contents and main contributors as evidence of the scope and authority:- Making New Building Blocks of Matter, by Glenn T. Seaborg; Animals with Double Lives, by Bobb Schaeffer; Building Brooklyn Bridge, by D. B. Steinman; Inside the Living Cell, by Philip Siekevitz; Round Trip from Space, by Melvin Calvin; Probability, by Herbert Robbins. From the classic writings in the world of science, the editors have included William James, The Stream of Consciousness; The Origin of Life, by Erasmus Darwin (grandfather of the great Charles;), The Anatomical Drawings of Vesalius, etc. Dipping in here and there, we found the text lucid, presenting in surprisingly clear form basic ideas of modern science. The illustrations include some fascinating aids to understanding:- full color transparencies known as Trans-Vision, which, for example, reveal the successive layers showing the organs and their functions of an amphibian.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1959
Publisher: Holt