MODERN PSYCHIATRY: A Handbook for Believers by

MODERN PSYCHIATRY: A Handbook for Believers

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Here is a clarifying book on psychiatry intended to give ""the interested non-psychiatrist a comprehensive and balanced picture of the work of psychiatry with the scientific jargon pruned away"". The authors bring incisive intelligence to their exposition of the history of the medical specialty, its development in Europe and America; the illnesses it treats and the methods of treatment. Dr. Freud, his theories and their influence on American psychiatry, receive attention in a separate chapter. The affective reactions and schizophrenias, psychosomatic disorders and the psychoneuroses, psychotherapy in its various aspects, drugs, somatic therapies, rehabilitation all come under consideration. Emotional reactions of everyday life are also briefly covered. The subtitle to the contrary, all this material is presented in survey if specific terms; although the nature of Freud's relation to religion is discussed: the final chapters-regarding the relations between disciplines and the roles of the family physician and clergyman in treating emotional stress-are the ones which seem most likely to apply. Essentially for professionals in allied fields.

Publisher: Doubleday