NIP AND TUCK by Ray Holland


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Every sportsman who ever owned or shot over a good brace of pointers has a repertoire of ""shootin' yarns"" he loves to spin and has often secretly longed to print. Ray Holland, editor of Field and Stream, possessed not only their love for dog and gun but the ability to write the biography of his great brace. From the S O S sent out by Ed. Dunning as Lola whelped a dozen healthy pups, to the week these litter brothers died two days apart ""the Boss"" tells their story, a simple, happy life spent as part of the family enjoying their car, their trips, their sport -- north and south, east and west for eight years. The chapters on training and working these two add a valuable practical side to an otherwise purely entertaining book. Will take its place with the few good dog stories we have in every sportsman's library, the shooting man, dog lover, yes, even the field trial enthusiasts who'll merely groan ""another potential champion who never had his chance"", you'll need several copies of this canine classic.

Publisher: Penn