THE CREOLE by Ray LaScola


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A southern pepperpot uses up some familiar leftovers (a good girl done or gone wrong; a designing mother; drink; drugs; plague; etc.) as well as an opulent plantation to New Orleans scene in the unregulated aftermath of the Civil War. Camille Broussard, whose father is overseer for the wealthy Amant family, falls in love with their weakling son, is seduced and becomes pregnant. With his family's clever interference, Camille goes up alone to New Orleans cares for- and cures- the drug addicted wife of an unscrupulous profiteer. Only the faithful ex-riverboat Captain, Shawn, now a lawyer, offers his protection- but asks her to testify against some carpetbaggers he is prosecuting. Consequently she is kidnapped, succumbs to yellow fever, losses her baby, but finally is saved- and ready for the love of a good man- Shawn.... An overblown period entertainment (say for the market of Elizabeth Boatwright Coker), in black and white and technicolor.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1960
Publisher: Morrow