NATIVE AMERICAN: ""David Grayson by Ray Stannard Baker

NATIVE AMERICAN: ""David Grayson

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Famous journalist and- on the side- creator of ""David Grayson""- tells the story of his boyhood and youth. turdy Americanism, this, revealing the pattern of the last frontier, of a life which spanned the shift from pioneering to civilization, from individualism to an uneasy form of socialism. This first volume carries him through the formative years, recording in delightful simplicity, with a keen sense of story and personality, his family (particularly his father), his schooling, his early contacts with people and life. He writes of early gropings towards a profession, of the hard knocks of Chicago journalism, of his beginnings as a writer, an early ""muckraker"". Good going.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1941
Publisher: Scribner