WITHIN THE POWER by Raymond B. Foedick
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A tract for our times"" would adequately describe the nature of this book from the pen of the former President of the Rockefeller Foundation. It is a ringing declaration of faith in the capacity of contemporary man to escape the dire peril now confronting civilization. Foedick vigorously combats the atmosphere of fear, frustration and futility which engulfs so many of our citizens and asserts that modern man is ""a heaven-storming creature, the purposeful architect of his own fortunes, a being who has the power, if he can but sustain the will, to carve out a future fit to live in, and to make himself and his world at last free"". ""We must walk without fear""; ""We must not be afraid of change""; ""Wanted -- a new vocabulary""; ""The realism of one world""; ""The return from violence""; ""In defense of a generation""; these are the chapter headings and leading ideas. Fosdick defends vigorously and effectively the liberal position in politics and economics. He is a great humanitarian and writes from that point of view. This is not a religious book, but religious leaders of all faiths will find in it aid and comfort and much illustrative material and quotable phrases, for Foedick writes with great felicity.

Pub Date: Aug. 27th, 1952
Publisher: Longmans, Green