JESUS, GOD AND MAN by Raymond Brown


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One of the dogmas common to almost all Christian churches is that which maintains that Jesus was both true God and true man. Yet, paradoxically, there are few doctrines that have been so bitterly contested over the centuries and remain a bone of contention among theologians even today. In this book, Father Raymond Brown, one of America's best known Scripture scholars, explains how the belief in Jesus' total divinity and total humanity has been affected, elucidated, and corroborated by modern biblical scholarship. The first part of the book is concerned with the biblical evidence, in terms of historical consciousness, for Christ's divinity; the second deals with the biblical evidence of Christ's humanity, specifically under the aspect of knowledge as a measure of humanity. Both parts of the book were originally published in scholarly--that is, professional--journals, and their style and approach reflect the requirements of that readership. It is not a work, therefore, for the layman, but a serious and technical christological treatise intended for the trained theologian. Within these limitations, Jesus, God and Man deserves, and undoubtedly will receive, recognition as a substantial contribution to modern christology.

Pub Date: Nov. 28th, 1967
Publisher: Bruce