FISHING THE SURF by Raymond Camp
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The surf angler is a rare breed"" writes our authority on fishing books. ""He fights his fish, as it were, toe to toe, or as Mr. Camp phrases it 'from his feet"". He is a real sportsman and deserves just such a book as this. It ought to be a good seller for the following reasons:- it deals with a branch of fishing hitherto neglected and does it entertainingly; it describes the proper way to look for a likely spot in the surf; the fish that swim in the surf; the proper fishing tackle to use for different species; the habits of fish. A specialist's book, containing data already included in Van Campen Heilner's book, Salt Water Fishing and Kipp Ferrington's on Atlantic Game Fish, but dealing wholly with the subject of fishing the surf, where those books are primarily boat fishing. Enough that is controversial to provide plenty of argument among addicts.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1940
Publisher: Little, Brown