THE COMING OF FABRIZZE by Raymond de Capite


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Italian-Americans, first generation, here create their own patterns in their section of Ohio when Augustine imports his 20 year old nephew, Cennino Fabrizze, to work on the railroad. For Fabrizze, with his shining leadership, his ability to stop mutiny, to prosper, to establish a store, and to bring alive everything that he touches, creates a new atmosphere for his fellow immigrants. They try to find him a wife but he marries Grace and they are joined by the mysterious Vivolo, whose knowledge of the workings of the stock market sets Fabrizze off on a new language and a skyrocketing profit for himself and all their friends. When the crash comes the neighbors still bear Fabrizze no ill will even though he vanishes for he makes efforts to repay their investments. But it is the warmth, color and excitement of his presence that they miss -- and pray to have again. A chorale of voices, stories, incidents and experiences, this is an intoned memorial of the Abruzzi mountain people who find a summer of ""mad content"" the climax of a newcomer's influence in their Americanization, and it echoes daily doings as well as national and emotional inheritances. Although of particular interest to Italian-American readers, the warmth and buoyancy here speaks to all.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1960
Publisher: McKay